Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a claim for compensation after an accident?

You may be entitled to make a claim if you have suffered a personal injury caused by someone else. Depending on the circumstances it may still be appropriate to consider a claim even if the other party was only partly at fault.

Do you operate on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis?

Yes, in the majority of circumstances. We will explain how this works and all other options available to you before you proceed with your claim.

Do you provide a nationwide service?

Yes and our representative will meet you at your convenience should you wish to go ahead with your claim.

Is there a time limit on making a claim?

Yes.  Court proceedings must normally be commenced within 3 years of the date of your accident.  If court proceedings are not commenced within the 3 year period then your claim will be out of time.  Although a court does have the discretion to allow court proceedings to be commenced and to continue after the 3 year period has expired this must not, and cannot, be relied on.

The 3 year period is different if, for example, you are under 18 years of age at the time of your injury. In this case the 3 year period does not commence until your 18th birthday.  The position is also different if you are suffering from a disease which may have taken many years to develop.

In respect of Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claims, the application must normally be submitted to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority within two years of the date of the incident. If this is not done, then your application may be rejected.

member of our team will discuss the above with you and how this will impact on your claim.

What compensation can I claim?

You are entitled to claim compensation for injuries together with any expenses reasonably incurred as a consequence of the accident.

Examples of the type of expense which you can claim include: 

  • Property damage – for example, damage to your car or bicycle
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Future losses including loss of earnings
  • Cost of care.

What is a personal injury?

The term personal injury includes a range of injuries from muscle damage, whiplash and bruising, up to more serious cases such as sprains, breaks and amputations, together with illnesses due to exposure to harmful substances eg. asbestos.  Compensation may also be payable for psychological injury.

How much can I claim?

This will depend on the nature and extent of the injuries suffered and any long term consequences. There is no fixed scale for compensation. Each case is assessed on its own merits. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your anticipated level of compensation.

You are entitled to claim all expenses reasonably incurred as a result of the accident.

How long will my claim take?

This will depend on the circumstances of your claim and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

What happens next?

If you would like advice about the merits of your claim then please do not hesitate to contact us for free initial advice.

If you wish to go ahead then our representative will arrange to meet with you and set your claim in progress. We will carry out all investigations and collate evidence with a view to achieving an early settlement and to maximising your compensation.

Most claims are settled without the need to go to court. However, some cases do go to court and if this situation should arise then we will explain the options and procedure beforehand and keep you properly informed every step of the way.

We believe that talking to a solicitor should not be a daunting experience and all our staff are committed to providing a friendly and approachable service whilst giving clear, straightforward and practical advice. If at any time you have a question about your claim then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

If you have any further questions please contact a member of our team immediately. We will be happy to help and provide free initial advice.

There is no obligation to proceed with a claim - you decide whether or not you wish to go ahead.

If at any time you have a question about your claim then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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